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Stepping Stones Care

2 Bath Place Blackrock, Co Dublin



Mainstream Services  T: 086 243 1094

Disability Services T:  086 306 40 22

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Stepping Stones offers a day service to young people and adults  with autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities and mental health difficulties.

This support is designed to develop skills and qualifications and help build confidence.


Our day service offers therapeutic and recreational activities for those with a learning disability who do not have complex care needs or challenging behaviours.

We also provide a day opportunities program which offers a person centred plan to  provide opportunities in areas such as education, employment, leisure, volunteering and also community involvement.


For many people, engaging with the community or living independently can be an anxiety-provoking experience. Engaging in everyday activities can have a profound effect on a person's health and well-being. Our staffs are skilled in working with clients to identify the difficulties they may face in the community and work with them to build confidence and the necessary living skills required to live in the community.

Every client's situation is unique, but some of the ways we can help include teaching people skills to overcome difficulties, facilitating the relearning of old skills, modifying the environment to make it more accessible or identifying new activities that clients want to do.

We have a large number of therapeutic programs that all can participate in, each tailored to meet clients' needs. As part of the initial assessment one of our care staff carries out an interest/hobby checklist, which determines activities, schedule specific to each client.


Our day service offers a safe and welcoming  place for young people and adults with  learning disabilities to meet and make friends in their local community.






residential care

Tel: 086 306 40 22

Purpose and Function

Stepping Stones Residential Services offers long-term community based residential placements for young people who for a variety of reasons cannot live with their natural families. The unit caters for young people between the ages of 12-17 years of age on admission. In exceptional circumstances children younger than 12 may be cared for by Stepping Stones Residential Services. Stepping Stones Residential Services take referrals from social workers in the Health Service Executive.


The unit has a maximum capacity for four young people. There is a high staff ratio which ensures that care can be provided for most young people who exhibit a wide range of complex needs and behaviors.


Stepping Stones Residential Services endeavors to offer the highest standards of care in a domestic setting to each resident. Stepping Stones Residential Services adopts a holistic approach to care.


It is recognized that each young person has a variety of needs and the staff will be fully responsive to the individual's physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional needs. Parents, guardians and any significant third


parties will be encouraged to actively engage in a young person's care placement.


The Stepping Stones Residential Services consists of;


- Children

- Senior Management Team

- Manager

- Team Leaders

- Care Staff

- Other professionals



All journeys begin with a single step

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